The summer sure has flown by! Our months were filled with much success and it seems Kulak Equestrian is blessed this season to have yet again another great team, both human and equine. With a group of 10 horses and countless workers running about the farm, there is never a dull moment and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

We have a fabulous group of young event horses and have been excited to compete them throughout the summer. We started the season up north with the GMHA June Horse Trials and then moved on to compete at Larkin Hill, Great Vista, ENYDCTA, Fitch’s Corner, Millbrook, the GMHA August Festival of Eventing, and Town Hill.

Marcia has been busy training and competing several talented horses at these venues. This winter in Wellington she began riding Claudine Kundrun’s 5-year-old gelding Quantico. Top dressage rider Allison Brock started Que and thought it would be beneficial for him to jump as well. And jump he does! His eventing career debuted at Larkin Hill where he handily won his Beginner Novice division and has collected numerous ribbons since. He won his Novice division at GMHA in August and is looking toward moving up to Training this fall. This talented Oldenburg is enjoying his new career as an event horse, and is one to watch for the future.

Marcia also had the ride on Marilyn Little’s RF West Indie, while Marilyn is in Europe for the summer. Marcia has been giving the mare wonderful experience this season and they won their first event together on a much improved dressage score of 26. Their record since has been nothing but positive. The pair was in a competitive Open Training division at Millbrook, and won the division on an impressive score of 19. They also won a Training division at the GMHA Festival of Eventing. All in all, an excellent track record.

Speaking of records, Michelle Chester and her horse Paladin have had a stellar season, despite Michelle taking a full time internship with a top law firm in Albany, NY. After Marcia piloted Dan around the Open Training at the GMHA June HT and won the division on a score off 22, Michelle managed 3 wonderful wins in their next outings together. Paladin will be looking to move up to Prelim this winter and Michelle finish her final year of law school as well.

Also on the eventing scene this summer is Kulak Equestrian assistant trainer Michelle Realmuto. Michelle has been working with Mario Dino’s young thoroughbred mare Fresa, who made her debut this season as an event horse. At her most recent competition, Michelle piloted the lovely mare to a win in the Novice division at Town Hill. Also at Town Hill, Michelle rode Sue Moses’ horse Key Pretender. “Kip” has enjoyed great training this summer, and Sue some super lessons. Look for them in the competitive field together soon.

Rounding out the eventing crew is Karri Bellamy and Black Swan. The pair has been competitive in the Junior Training, with a win at both Fitch’s Corner and GMHA. Karri recently purchased Cool Connection from Will Coleman and is looking forward to continued success with her new partner. In the meantime, Brook Joy has taken over the ride on Black Swan and Brook will be looking to make her competitive eventing debut soon.

We would also like to give a special shout out to some of our previous horses who have been incredibly successful with their new owners. The little thoroughbred Yoscha Bosche, previously owned by Michelle Chester, did us proud as he took young rider Lauren Clarke around her first CCI* in Ocala and was in the lead after dressage with Lauren at this year’s NAJYRC in Lexington, KY. They are off to a fabulous new partnership. Also, former Kulak Equestrian sales horse Arundel and his rider Abbie Golden made their Advanced debut this summer and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for these two stars!

Additionally, two of our former hunters have shared great performances. Special K, who is now owned and campaigned by Mary Kay Shaughnessy, won a class at the prestigious Hampton Classic Horse Show after picking up numerous wins all winter along at WEF. Out in California, Aurora, a young horse discovered and developed by Marcia (now campaigning under the name Adele) has enjoyed tremendous success with top professional Archie Cox and owner Chelsea Samuels. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and wish the continued success.

Earlier this season, after a few great trips to HITS Saugrities and the Lake Placid Horse Show, Shannondale Mojito was sold to Callan Solem’s client Pat Weakly. In just a few short days with him, Mojito seems to have already won Pat’s heart over, just as he did with us. After 18 months watching him grow up, we miss seeing our gentle giant but know Pat will enjoy him as much as we did.

While Mojito was at Lake Placid, Marcia and Mike Schultz presented an inaugural trophy in Lora’s memory. The trophy was given to a Lake Placid Horse Show division champion in any adult hunter division who exemplifies the sportsmanship, talent, and turnout of the late Lora Schultz. We miss her dearly and were proud to award this trophy in her honor.

Lora’s legacy continues as her 7 year old granddaughter Rose has enjoyed taking riding lessons at the farm. Lora took great delight in watching Rose ride and we are seeing the riding tradition continue within the Schultz family. Mike himself has had a fantastic summer with Ollie. The pair keeps getting better and better. They rode regularly with our dressage trainer Janet Black and participated in the Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Dressage Clinic in August along with the rest of the Kulak Equestrian crew.

As the summer draws to an end, we would also like to thank our wonderful staff, because of course none of this would be possible without them. Krystal Gessler joined us for her second summer, keeping the barn running smoothly and all the horses looking their best though out the week. New team members Kirsten Proctor and Liz Doheny fill that role on the weekends and they have truly been wonderful assets to us. Brooke Joy, has been another excellent pair of hands and rider with a great smiling face every morning! Of course, old timers Michelle Realmuto and Karri Bellamy continue to add their 10 cents!! Our steady and reliable Nick DeGraff helped with all the maintenance that goes into keeping the farm looking first rate. Lastly, none of this would be possible without Mrs. K. She is an incredible woman who oversees all the daily operations at the farm. She wears many hats; on her tractor mowing everything in sight, preparing incredible meals, and always eager to lend a helping hand. As if that’s not enough, Mrs. K and Gem are still a force to be reckoned with, riding almost everyday.

Marcia has been in the studio this past week doing the TV commentary for the Aachen World Equestrian Festival. She did the voiceover in 2012 as well, and her commentary included eventing, the dressage freestyle, show jumping, and combine driving. Aachen will be featured on HRTV; check your local listings.

Marcia’s travel itinerary is further filling up with her High Performance Selection Committee engagements. She had a speedy trip to France to observe the WEG Test Event in Normandy and reported back with lots of insight to help shape the best USA Team. Later this fall she heads to Boekelo CCI*** in Holland and the Fair Hill CCI*** in Maryland.

Kulak Equestrian has a few more events on the calendar this fall including GMHA September Horse Trials and a demonstration at the Saratoga Horse Expo. Once the temperature drops and the leaves fall, we will make our annual retreat to the sunny south with lots of new horses and excitement for the winter. Stay tuned!

Everything is in full swing down south at Kulak Equestrian. Although it was a short month, the team was busy on 3 fronts, eventing in Ocala, and showing at WEF in the dressage and the hunter/jumper arenas. We are blessed and humbled to have such a great group of horses and clients.

It was difficult to say goodbye to two special horses we sold recently. Lora Schultz’s incredible hunter Special K, has a wonderful home with Ralph Caristo’s client Mary Kay Shaughnessy. Mary Kay has already begun showing Krispy at WEF and together they have quickly forged a partnership and enjoyed some great success in the adult hunters. Additionally, Michelle Chester’s event horse Yoscha Bosche was sold to Canadian Olympian Jessica Phoenix’s student Lauren Clark. Their first outing was at Rocking Horse Winter II HT where the new team breezed to a 2nd place finish. Congratulations to both ladies; we wish them a successful future with these wonderful horses!

Also this month, we were thrilled to have received a continuing world class education. Marcia and Karri Bellamy traveled to Ocala, first for Rocking Horse HT (where Karri won her Novice division) and then on to the IPC Symposium, taught by U.S. Team Coach David O’Connor, British Team Coach Yogi Breisner, and Linda Zang. These two days were packed with outstanding information and cemented Marcia’s belief in the importance of the basic principles of riding. The day after arriving home from Ocala, Marcia rode Melissa Krevitz’s mare Havanna in clinic with dressage legend Kyra Kyrklund and her assistant Richard White. The clinic stressed the principles of position and how it influences the horse. Lastly, we were lucky enough to have the master himself George Morris teach at the farm this month. George’s attention to detail is what brings out the best in horse and rider, and Sharon White stayed with us a few days at the farm to benefit from George’s instruction. It is inspiring to learn from such accomplished horsemen, and to always be a student of the game.

Speaking of students, we saw several young smiling faces this month. February entails spring break for those still in high school, and several young men and women used the opportunity to travel to Wellington. Karri Bellamy, Talia Reutter, and Jorgen Olijslager spent time honing their riding skills, perfecting coiling Marcia’s hose and leveling the manure pit, as well as soaking up all the sights and sounds of this equestrian paradise! In addition, the Brazilian Young Rider Show Jumping Team came to watch and learn from George and get some instruction from Marcia. We are honored to have these incredible young riders who are equally exceptional in the tack and in the classroom.