Kulak Equestrian had a fabulous summer season!!! Let me catch you up on the happenings …

Marcia and I started the trek home from Florida in early May, and we spent two weeks on the road before finally arriving at home! We stopped for a few days at the beautiful Fork for a visit and to XC school the young horses. Then we traveled to the Kundrun’s lovely farm in Virginia, and then up to Jackie Mars’ farm for some more XC schooling. It was great to catch up with some old friends while in Middleburg! Next, we were off to Waredaca to pick up Dangreega, a horse of Gretchen Butts’s that we have enjoyed training this summer. Finally, we made it home to New York, and after having such a good time on the way home, decided we would plan a similar circuitous route next year!

The month of June brought a few local events for the young horses including GHMA, Great Vista, and Larkin Hill. Marcia’s talented, young thoroughbred Keator’s Rift spending the winter in Wellington learning his new career as an event horse. That work over the winter paid off and he had a phenomenal first outing at GHMA, taking to cross-country like a duck to water.

Next, Marcia taught at the GHMA adult camp for the week, and then spent the next two weeks at Lake Placid with Marilyn Heaton. Marilyn rode her big gelding Bentley in the Adult Hunters and got some great ribbons and most importantly had a blast! Marcia kept busy by keeping Keator with her during the week as well as Isabeau, Vicky Koss’ eventing mare that recently came in from Idaho for some training and to get sold.

The troops came home from Lake Placid on Saturday, and Sunday brought all the eventing horses to ENYCTA for the day to get a prep run in before Stuart. Marcia won her novice with Dangreega, and placed 4th in it with Keator. She also won the PT division with Isabeau! The other horse from our barn that traveled to ENDYCTA was Black Swan, and his rider/owner Haley Bowman. She had a great ride on him and finished up 5th in her training division.

A few days later, everyone was off to Stuart, which is one of our favorite events of the summer. The Novice horses went a day ahead of the others and Susan Cipolla and her awesome horse Tres Cool won the rider novice division! Michelle Chester and her young horse Paladin placed 5th in the open novice division, and Yosha Bosche ended up 9th in the CIC1*! Dangreega moved up to training and did exceptionally well. Unfortunately he had to compete HC, because Gretchen was TD. Luckily, she got to see how much he as grown up an improved so far this summer, so that was a nice treat. Marcia got a good feel of the mare in their first big event together. She also rode Black Swan to 8th place in the training, as Haley traveled back home to Southampton for the summer./p>

Next on the calendar was Fitch’s Corner. Kulak Equestrain sent two horses there. Marcia and Isabeau were 6th in the preliminary and Susan and Tres Cool were reserve champion in the Novice Championship Division!

At Millbrook, we had a full group of people and horses. Marcia rode Keator, Isabeau, and Dangreega, who finished 3rd. I rode Black Swan to 5th place in the Training. Susan was 2nd in the Novice with her horse and Michelle C. was 6th with her young horse Paladin.

We arrived home Sunday evening, and the next morning Marcia was off to judge and teach at the GMHA Training 3 Day. I drove up later in the week with the two horses who were competing in the regular horse trails that weekend. Both were in the training and Marcia ended up 1st with Dangreega, and I was 2nd on Black Swan.

All in all, we had a great summer season. We could not have done it without the help of all the girls back home! Liz, Karri, Sadie, and of course Mrs. K did a fabulous looking after the farm. Many thanks!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

~ Michelle R.